Paul – Keyboards and Vocals

I was being groomed for a college in a cation in music, which I did not take advantage of … stupidly.

Fast forward to recent years..

After growing my hairs long, and bad mouthing my country for years and having not touched a keyboard..  I took it up again and played with a few local area bands, you might know some of them, The shadows, Alias, etc. .. as well doing some session work with a few local artists.  I also worked on some of my own private projects.   Today, I’m hooked up with Revolution band via hey, a website called Bandmix.   I had auditions with them several times and was excited about the prospects, having seen them play at a few area private parties and shows..   I knew it was a professional move on my part.  They are consummate talented artists who seemed to have a lot of fun doing this. I wanted that too.



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Paul’s Gear

Korg, and Alesis Keyboards
Roland Ax Synth